Opus Biological is a sports medicine clinic with a special interest in advanced cell therapies. Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who just likes to stay active, you’ll receive the same level of world-class, personalised care. Your multidisciplinary team, supported by excellent medical administrators, streamlines your experience in order to provide you with rapid access to an initial consultation, with the most appropriate specialist, accurate diagnosis and a bespoke treatment plan designed to deliver the best possible recovery.


At Opus Biological we specialise in treating the following:

Arthritis - Osteoarthritis

  • Knee Arthritis
  • Hip Arthritis
  • Ankle Arthritis
  • Shoulder Arthritis

Injuries/Sports injuries

  • Ligament strains – knee and ankle injury
  • Tennis elbow/golfers elbow
  • Runners knee/jumpers knee
  • Achilles’ tendonitis
  • Muscle strains (e.g. hamstring)
  • Shoulder rotator cuff tears/strains
Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is a minimally invasive simple out-patient treatment.

Blood is drawn from a vein in your arm, the blood is then spun in a centrifuge machine and the specialised platelet cells are separated from the other cells. The specialised platelet concentrate is injected into your site of injury.

PRP utilises the natural healing properties of your blood to repair damaged cartilage, bone, muscle, tendon and ligaments. It can reduce pain, improve musculoskeletal function and help you return quickly to your normal activities or your sport.

A course of PRP involves 3 injections given at 3 week intervals. The recommendations are based on the current research however some people may feel they require further injections.

Autologous mesenchymal stem cell therapy


The first step of the stem cell procedure is the extraction of bone marrow stem cells. The procedure takes place in a full operating suite to ensure the most sterile conditions. You will be offered light sedation by our anaesthetic specialist who will oversee your pain control. Your doctor will thoroughly numb the back of the pelvis and take a small bone marrow sample through a needle. This procedure is called a bone marrow aspirate.


The next step of the stem cell procedure takes place in our world class laboratory. We take the cells from the harvesting phase and use a culture technique to expand (grow) them in order that we can produce greater than 40 million of your own mesenchymal stem cells. The laboratory produces enough of your own mesenchymal stem cells for multiple injections so we store excess doses cryogenically in a specialised storage facility. This phase takes a minimum of 14 days and includes the screening of the stem cells for any abnormality or disease.


Finally comes the re-injection stage. This normally occurs 2 weeks after the lab work has been down, this allows us to check the cells for any bacteria that may grow in that time. Again, in order to ensure the safest and most sterile conditions, the injection takes place in a full operating suite and the injection is given by a specialist musculoskeletal radiologist using advanced imaging to guide the stem cells directly to the affected area.


We work closely with physiotherapists, nutritionists and sports scientists to develop tailor made after care plans for your rehabilitation.